Leather Biker Jacket – Chloé


If You want to wear confidence, then our girl Chloe is for You!

This piece is not just a jacket, it’s a statement.

Made from premium sheep leather, it’s a creation that combines luxury with the spirit of the open road.

The jacket is made for doers.

For those that make Life happen to them.

Ones that don’t show off, but are showed off.

It’s more than just outerwear—it’s a superhero cloak for those who live boldly.



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Stand out without effort

From the high-quality zippers that run along the sleeves and chest to the snap buttons that add a flash of detail, Chloe is about standing out without trying too hard. The cuffs, detailed with zip closures, provide both style and function, allowing you to adjust for comfort or make a style statement.

The jacket’s fit is unmatched—snug where it needs to be, giving you a look that’s both tailored and relaxed. Every element, from the silver-toned hardware to the strategic pocket placement, is designed with you in mind, ensuring that this jacket is as practical as it is stylish.