Leather Biker Jacket – Amélie


Meet Amélie, our rebel sweetheart.

She is a luxurious fusion of rebel spirit and great craftsmanship.

Amélie is tailored from the finest sheep leather, selected for its buttery texture and enduring resilience.

The rich dark olive color leaves a sense of elegance, sophistication, and depth.

This jacket isn’t just worn; it’s an experience, providing you with luxury and style that stands the test of time.



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Classy and Graceful

Amélie is our Dark Olive Leather Biker Jacket. It is a versatile addition to Your wardrobe. Each detail is thoughtfully designed for the fashion-forward individual. The jacket features gleaming silver zippers that contrast against dark leather with elegance. Its precision placement enhances Amelie’s sleek lines. Adjustable waist belts decorated with polished buckles allow for a customized fit, adapting the jacket to Your form.

The silhouette boasts a modern edge with its sharp lapels and asymmetrical zip, while the substantial hardware sends a bold statement. It’s a sartorial choice for those who are one step ahead, commanding attention with every turn.